L&T On Load Changeover Switch - Disconnector Type - CO2-200 Open Execution CO22000OOOO


Sold By: bizliwala

Description of product

Size : FR2
Rated Current : 200(A)
Changeover switch is suitable for fuse mounting kit CX22000OOOO

Features :-
  • Range 63A to 2000A, 415V, AC 23A, 4P
  • Site convertible fuse version for open execution
  • Site convertible dual shaft position
  • SS enclosure version does not require separate cable gland box
  • Staggered Terminals

Multi featured operating handle:
  • Unique flip-able handle for rating 400 A and above which enables the user to operate the switch with two hands
  • Provision for padlocking in OFF position with three padlocks
  • Defeat feature in both ON states and auto restoration of panel door
  • IP54 with extended type operating handle
Complete touch proof design, with help of terminal shroud, source separator and inter-phase barriers
Staggered terminals provide clear access to all terminals from the front, ensuring ease of termination
Patented dual dead center mechanism enables the user to toggle between central or side positions for operating handle. This can be easily converted on site as required

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