L&T HRC Bolted Fuse Links Type HG & HQ 2A ST30725 Pack of 24 Pcs

L&T HRC Bolted Fuse Links Type HG 2A ST30725 Pack of 24 Pcs


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Description of product

Size - F1
Type - HG
Fixing Method - Offset, Staggered
  • Conforms to IEC  60269-2, IS 13703 part2
  • Range: 2A to 800A, 415V, AC 50Hz
  • Type: Cylindrical (2A to 63A), DIN (63A to 800A) & Bolted (2A to 630A)
  • High Breaking Capacity: 100kA for type HN and 80 kA for Type HF/HG/HQ
Suitable for Type
HD 20H / 20P /20B,
HD 32H / 32P / 32B Fuse Base
FNX 630 / 800  S-D-F
& for HB 800 Fuse base
HRC Fuse Link range covers ratings from 2A to 800A. HRC Fuse-link range is available in 14x51 Cylindrical, DIN and BS type
High breaking capacity: 80kA for Cylindrical & BS Type & 100kA for DIN Type
The complete range conforms to IS 13703 (Part 2) / IEC 60269-2 standards
Let-through energy value of L&T’s fuse is extremely low; it leads to optimal selectivity for the cable size & downstream protection devices. Low power loss also leaded to low running cost & minimum heating.
Fuse blown indication is available through a red pop-up indicator
Suitable fuse base & fuse pulling handle are also available

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