HAVELLS Life Line Plus Copper Flexible Wire, HRFR 90 Mtrs


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Description of product

Havells Single Core HRFR PVC Insulated Industrial Grade Copper Conductor (Unsheathed) Flexible Cables, 1100 Volts Conforming to IS:694

Havells flexible cables offer insulation with (HR) Heat resistant along with Flame Retardant properties which are suitable to bear a temperature up to 85°C due to this feature HAVELLS flexible cables are capable to carry Higher current and ensures better electrical and mechanical performance at higher temperature.

Flexible cables are an essential requirement of any modern home. Havells Heat Resistant Flame retardant (HRFR) cables with S3 offers high levels of safety, reliability and energy efficiency.

This advanced S3 technology safeguard us & environment  from harmful substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium and chromium, also reduces leakage current which can cause serious damage to you and to the installations in the house. It also comes with termite and rodent repulsion properties that ensure, there is no short circuit that may lead to damage of property and human life.

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