EAPL Sequential Timer ST4-M1
  • State of art micro control design.
  • Hold/Restart feature is available during power failure.
  • Over voltage protection.
  • 7 segment display indication for channel and timing operation.
  • Suitable for screw mounting.
  • These units come with user-friendly programming for On/Off time selection independently.
  • Facility is also provided to copy the first channel’s On and Off time to all channels.
  • Multiple units can be cascading to obtain more channels.
  • Time inhibit – user can pause time with relay status remaining in current status                                                           (except ST6-M2, ST6-M2 (IP))
  • Unit can be configured to have single cycle operation or repeat cycle operation.
  • Terminals for potential free pulse signal are available for timing initiation.
  • Analog Sequential Timer with Track (Din rail) mounting.
  • Time range ad time selection is common for all channels On/Off time respectively.
  • Only repeat cycle operation is possible.
Note: Internal Resettable fuse are incorporated for protection against voltage fluctuations                                                                                  Digital displays will blink whenever voltage exceeds specified voltage range.                                                                                            Switch off the unit for some time & then switch on when voltage returns to normal.
  • Over-all: 110x86x68mm (W x H x D).
Applications: Bag Filters systems, Dust pollution systems, Air handling systems, MCC panels, Pneumatic Conveyors, Process Industries etc.
Function-               Sequential Switching 4 Channels
Source Voltage-      240V AC
                            (1C/O NO Relay for each Channel)
Range-                   0.1S – 1H

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