EAPL Electronic Timer H3D-1

EAPL Electronic Timer H3D-1


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Description of product

  • Din sized enclosure of Panel/Flush mounting having front protective cover for safety.
  • Timer and base available for Track (Din rail)/Screw mounting (except H3d1).
  • Large transparent knob with lock is provided for precise time setting and protect from unintentional change of time setting.
  • LED indication for timing in progress.
  • Multi Function- On Delay/Interval/Equal Cyclic-On/Equal Cyclic-Off programmable.
  • Over-all: 48x48x94mm (W X H X D) , Cut-Out: 46X46mm (W X H)
Applications: Textile machines, Vending machines and many more…
Function-            Multi Function 8 Terminals  2C/O
Source Voltage-  24V-240V  AC & 24V-220V DC
Range-               0.3S - 60M

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