EAPL Digital Timer C3PT-MU

EAPL Digital Timer C3PT-MU


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Description of product

  • Din sized enclosure for Panel Mounting.
  • Digital display for set value and process value.
  • Function (programmable): ON DELAY/INTERVAL/CYCLIC.
  • Type of start signal (programmable): No START SIGNAL/PULSE/CONTINUOUS.
  • One of the relay c/o can be configured as INSTANT or DELAYED.
  • Program lock is provided for function, relay configuration, type of start signal and range selected.
  • RESET cum START facility can be achieved either through front buttons or rear terminals
  • Hold/Restart facility during power failure condition.
Note: Internal Resettable fuse are incorporated for protection against voltage fluctuations                                                                                  (N.A.for H3PT-MU). Digital displays will blink whenever voltage exceeds specified voltage range.                                                              Switch off the unit for some time & then switch on when voltage returns to normal.
  • Over-all: 72x72x128mm
  • Cut out: 69x69mm
Applications: Injection moulding machine panels, Granite processing machines, Packaging/Printing                                                                            machines, Hot stamping machines etc.
Function-               Programmable Digital (UP)
                            (1C/O Instant, 1C/O Delayed or 2 Delayed)
Source Voltage-     85V - 270V AC/ DC
Range-                  0.1S – 99H 59M

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